The Measuring Line Overture

To fulfill the command of Echoing Gods ‘justice everywhere in the Globe.
To preserve the Manna-The word of Christ in its original form just as it found a place of preservation in the Ark of Covenant.
To add to the kingdom a holy Nation, A Holy Tribe of people who rely on the original word of God. Unaltered through times, People and sources and fulfill the word of God, as it is heaven.

Our call for the churches will be accomplished through our Vision’s mandate “The Seventh Trumpet call”. This is a complete endeavor where Measuring line targets to stand by Churches and  the ministers of God ,in creating the Platform to discuss robust technologies, educational tools, Trainings and workshops on Sensitization of God’s Kingdom & Its Culture..

To help coach and mentor Churches and individuals to measure up to the canonicity of the word of God.

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The Measuring rod which is God’s word focuses on aligning the purposes and plans of churches and Christian organizations to Christ-Ordained Goals, and to help identify their existing spiritual tools to build their churches on The Solid Rock-Jesus Christ.

A Mission to Mentor

Church Call -Adherence strategies & Church Deliverables.

  • Learning and development focus for churches.
  • We work closely with the church on its call and help them travel their spiritual journey at ease by aligning their focus to the call.
  • Create positive impact on the churches by imparting the solid truth attributed to their calling
  • Building strategies for in-house activities to be done to strengthen the church’s calling.
  • Identify new areas of operation for women, children, Teens, adults and senior citizens in the church.
  • Braining storming-sessions with church delegates, leaders and elders to build relevant learning modules that liaise with the vision of the church.
  • Attending to the immediate gaps and fixing spiritual glitches.
  • To uplift the shepherd’s hearts to resound the call of God in their lives!
  • Building strategies for Word  and Worship in the church
  • Highlighting the Impact of church on the society
  • Harvest and kingdom –Mindedness
  • Imparting learning and teachings on Hidden truths & Mysteries  to the church
  • Adhoc requirements will be addressed.

We emphasize this:

Every church should have a rich supply from the river of God .The non-stop flow of water-The word of God and worship from the throne to the altar and echo in the church floor. To bring the living water to the thirsty souls in the church and impart life to the dying gifts and circumstances of the believers in the church.

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