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The Measuring Line is a Prophetic literature envisioned by its Author, Keziah, A Gospel Coach who plays her vital call as a “Scribe”, documenting prophetic messages From God in the limelight of God’s word, which she uses to reiterate the word of God. This literature aims at encouraging each Christian to use The  original word of  God, which is The measuring Line, also referred to as “Canon – The word “canon” comes from the Greek κανών, meaning “rule” or “measuring stick”. Measuring Line comes with its vision as a Divine Divider to set the standard for the people of God. It echoes the soul cry of God -Justice!!!!!, to prevail on earth. The measuring line is aimed at right usage of doctrine, Word, theology, quoting of scriptures, preaching, teaching and appropriate usage of the word. This is an important intervention to today’s world of unbalanced and convenient doctrines that are trying to find its way up the scales. Justice! Justice! Justice! Is our cry to find its rightful place on the measuring scales along with Righteousness to set the balance straight!


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